What profession to choose? It’s a frequent question, but it’s hard for every young and responsible person to answer it. A rare young person 100% is a real choice in the profession. It is really difficult to decide which profession to choose if one area is cute, but parents strongly advise to choose another one. It is difficult to contradict the opinion of the relatives, friends or relatives who advise you and wish you good.

Be open to yourself. Try to make the decision yourself. After all, nobody knows what will be ten, five, or three years old. Nobody knows what will be tomorrow, but almost everyone knows what to say and what to advise. You look exactly the opposite, but after all, the authorities advise – “How are you not listening here now,” Yes?

We do not claim to be obedient to parents or grandparents. We help to reconcile your self-determination and your parents’ wishes. A highly paid and prestigious profession today can become worthless in such a dynamic world after five years. In addition, much depends on success and circumstances.

The reflection of the perevod.lt project leader and leader Aurimas Užkuraitis is as follows: “Life as a traffic light. If you are on a green traffic light, you are going through the intersections without obstacles.

You don’t know how to do it, you can’t decide if your choice is right? You are afraid to get reproached and you will hear from the dear people: “I told you! Don’t you hear me! ”What will happen if you do not go your dream and the inner path of self-determination? Then you would probably blame yourself for life: “I had to listen to nothing then why I didn’t do it, and so on.”

Want to discuss how to behave when choosing a profession? This is very important ! Consult with good arguments to defend your opinions and choices.